Lipton & Brisk Game On Promo

Interface Design, Experience Design, Storyboarding

After a successful partnership with Lucasfilm in 2012, PepsiCo forged similar tie-ins for the release of two highly anticipated Xbox 360 games the following year—Dance Central 3 and Gears of War: Judgment. The co-branded campaign offered gamers the chance to win one of four prize packs and included a website, online ads, and specially-marked product packaging but the company sought a better way to raise awareness among their target audience.

BrightLine was hired to help bring the the campaign directly to gamers. The result was an Xbox Branded Destination that drove awareness and engagement on the platform.


The Game Plan

A distinct destination was designed for both Lipton and Brisk, each centered around their product line and game partnership. Since both destinations were to have similar features, they were designed against a template created specifically for the project. The two destinations were connected by a co-branded screen dedicated to promoting the sweepstakes, allowing users to move from one destination to another.


Gateways to the Experience

Gamers entered the experience via static and animated banners on the dashboard. Three sets of banners linked users directly to one of three screens within the BDE—the landing page for Lipton, the Sweepstakes, or the landing for Brisk.


Brisk & Gears of War

In the Brisk/Gears of War: Judgment destination, gamers learned which Coalition of Order Goverment (COG) soldier was most like them by taking a diagnostic quiz and were recommended Brisk products based on their answers. They could also join the COG by completing Target Practice, a Kinect-enabled game.


Lipton & Dance Central

Gamers who visited the Lipton/Dance Central 3 destination entered the Lipton Dance Party, where they could score a free demo of Dance Central 3 and join a dance crew from the game. By taking a diagnostic quiz, gamers were matched with the dance crew most like them and given a Lipton product recommendation.


Xbox Extras

Gamers downloaded a set of co-branded Gamer Pics and Themes to customize their Xbox dashboard and gamer profiles long after the campaign ended.

The Results

The campaign consistently performed well above platform averages, with nearly 16k click-thrus, 10k downloads, and an estimated reach of 10 million househoulds. By mid-February, those numbers had risen to 112k click-thrus and 80k downloads, with custom video content receiving 200k video views.